Students Score Dream Internships at Triumph Motorcycles
Written By: Cat McClintock

School is back in session. As students sadly shuffle to their desks, some still sporting their fading summer tans while daydreaming about their beach adventures, a select group of their peers can boast a completely different summer experience.

Three talented high school students in the UK spent their summer rubbing elbows with engineers at Triumph Motorcycles.

 Triumph headlights


In July, Triumph, the iconic British motorcycle manufacturer, held a design contest for 16- to 18-year-old students. The Triumph Design Awards for Young Engineers challenged them to design a product which solves a real-world problem.

How real-world? Designs had to consider manufacturability, testing, materials, ease of use, and appropriately benchmarked and evaluated existing solutions. (Sound familiar?)

Entrants presented their design ideas to Senior and Chief Engineers from the Design Department at Triumph—and each brought their A-game.

We’re impressed by Triumph’s dedication to inspire young engineers and even more impressed with the winners:

Eneh Alexandra-Ikwue won first place for her project, Eva. Its’s an intelligent growth system that monitors temperature, humidity, and illuminance, responding appropriately to optimize growing conditions for plants and encourage people to grow food at home.




For her efforts, Alexandra-Ikwue received the Triumph Design Award trophy, cash, and two weeks of paid work experience in the Design department at Triumph. Plus, she’ll be considered for a scholarship.



First-place winner Eneh Alexandra-Ikwue with her winning project. Source: Triumph


Second place went to Lewis Duckworth for his project Windsurf Rig Tensioner ‘UPLOAD.” This innovative solution to rigging windsurf sails uses a simple, effective pulley system. Lewis received a trophy, cash, and one week of work experience in the Design department.


 Contestant discusses project


Veer Patel took third for his project Visual Enhancer; a maneuverable, cost effective aid to help visually impaired students in classrooms and lecture halls. Veer received a trophy, cash, and one week of work experience in the Design department.

A Committee prize was awarded to Amanpreet Paul for her project Pointe Shoe: 2pointe0, a harness designed to fit in a ballet slipper, reducing injuries in dancers. Amanpreet received a trophy and cash. Her exhaustive testing and use of novel materials in her development stood out among the projects, singling her out for the Committee prize.


Here’s why we’re also excited about Alexandra-Ikwue —and all the next-gen of engineers. She brought enthusiasm and a holistic approach to develop her project, specifically in her use of technology and programming, market research, visual design, and understanding of potential future developments. (You’d hire her, right?)


Contest winner meets Creo Simulate at Triumph Motorcycles

Alexandra-Ikwue, winner of a 3-week paid internship, meets Creo Simulate in Triumph’s Design Department! Source: Triumph

We commend Triumph for encouraging these young engineers. It’s a company well-versed in inspiration that blends authentic design, character, charisma, and performance into their motorcycles. The company now passes on these same tenets of design to new generations of designers. By working with and training young people, Triumph helps lead the way in shaping new ideas and designs for the future.

Start Designing Your Future

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