5 Reasons to Move to Subscription from Maintenance

Written By: David Lee
  • 1/30/2019
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Trade up program

As of January 1, 2019, with a few exceptions, all new software licenses are available only via subscription. Existing customers may continue using perpetual licenses as long as support is renewed.

With the adoption of subscription, long term customers of all sizes are also trading up. They’re moving from perpetual licenses to subscription.

Let’s look at the top five reasons for current PTC customers to move to subscription.

1. Access to the latest software

Subscription ensures that customers have access to the newest products and feature enhancements. This ensures that you extract the most value from these releases faster and more frequently with simpler deployments reducing end-user disruption. It also provides the easiest path to access the right packages for CAD and PLM to use the functions that make sense to your business.

2. Lock in discounted rates

For as long as your subscription is active, you lock in your rate. This ensures that your monthly and annual budget isn’t negatively impacted in the long term.

3. License management

Eliminate unused software, reduce complex budgeting processes and simplify the management of the software relationships. This enables you to spend more time creating and using the software and less time working on purchasing requisition and POs.

4. Functional flexibility

With subscription, you can be sure that you have most recent version of your software including new features and security updates. No longer wonder if you need to download and install software. Stay on the cutting edge of software releases to provide value back to your organization.

5. Access to eSupport and eLearning

Subscribers more quickly realize value from PTC offerings with PTC’s growing Customer Success Program. It combines 25 years of experience, across 35 countries and 6 centers of excellence, with expert guidance designed for value of your subscription on day one. You also have access to a growing library of eLearning so you can enhance your skills, at your own pace.

To learn more about trading up visit https://www.ptc.com/en/try-and-buy/subscription/trade-up

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