Rad CAD: Five Killer Creo Models from GrabCAD
Written by: Cat McClintock

Surely you’re familiar with the GrabCAD community. It’s an inspiring place to see what everyone is doing with design these days. We recently hopped on, poked around, and nabbed some of our favorite designs created with Creo. (GrabCAD has graciously let us use imagery from their site—if you’re not a member, sign up!)

Megatron would be impressed

Transfans and Transisters, want a ring to show your Transformers’ pride? This ring by DSH might be right up your alley. Engraving curved surfaces can take a few more steps than embossing your logo on a flat sheet of aluminum, of course. So we hope DSH made it easy by using one of our tutorials, like this one we posted a couple years ago on this blog.

Transformers ring with engraved logo

Source: GrabCAD

Off-road in style

If you prefer wheels instead of skids, Charlie borg submitted this impressive, shiny rendering of what he calls Scorpion. The off-roading vehicle would look nice in any setting, from urban driving to dusty backroads. Nicely done.

Off road vehicle designed in Creo

Source: GrabCAD

Winter is coming

Game of Thrones nod aside, days are getting colder, and we all could use a rig like this Lego Technic 42021 Snowmobile (rendered in KeyShot 7.0) designed by Dario.

Sadly, it’s scaled for Lego bricks, not full-sized humans. But the plus side, it’s likely to fit easily into your 3D printer. You can download the CAD files for free at GrabCAD, and fabricate one of your own. (Make sure to use Creo 4’s new tray assembly features for additive manufacturing to make the most of your time and materials! Here’s a quick tutorial.)

Winter transport, designed in Creo

Source: GrabCAD

Flying high (and unmanned)

Meet ScanEagle, a small, long-endurance, low-altitude unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) used for reconnaissance missions by the military. It’s also one of the first approved to be bought and used for commercial purposes. Jake Czajkowski modeled it using PTC Creo 3.0. (Click the 3D viewer to be doubly impressed.)

 UAV designed in Creo

Source: GrabCAD

Insect hotel

Creo isn’t typically used for designing buildings or homes. But this one is an exception. This giant insect hotel (hopefully there’s no Raid involved – ask your parents for the reference) was designed by user bj in Creo 3. It’s actually been built, made from Douglas and hardwood timber, with a nail gun and glue to assemble the parts, and two stainless steel bars to carry the weight.

 Bug house designed in Creo

Source: GrabCAD

We were inspired by all the ideas (we could’ve done one post just on the variety of fidget spinners) and the creativity and thought that went into these designs using Creo. We’d love to see your work, too. Send us a link to your GrabCAD (or other repository) models at PTCCreoBlog@ptc.com.

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