QUIZ: What Kind of Engineer Should I Be?

Written By: Cat McClintock
  • 11/5/2017

Computer. Mechanical. Civil. Electrical. Sanitation. Food. There are so many kinds of engineer you could be, how do you know which one is right for you? Take our quiz to find out.



1. When you are waiting in a long line, what do you think about?


A. “Everything about the way this space is designed is wrong. I could do this better in my sleep.”


B. “If they moved that door there and that hallway there and extended that section by 11.36 meters, this line would move 17% faster.”


C. “There are at least eight design changes they could have made so I could have decent wifi while I wait.”


2. What do you do when you discover that you’ve made a mistake?


A. There are no mistakes, there are only suboptimal solutions.


B. I have never encountered this scenario.


C. This question is poorly written and makes no sense.


3. During how many family get-togethers have you found yourself Googling something to prove a relative wrong?

A. All of them.


B. Do other people not do that?


C. How is this even a question?


4. Have you ever told a store clerk that there is a more efficient way to bag your purchase?


A. Yes.


B. Obviously.


C. Was I supposed to just let that go?


5. When you were a child, what were you most likely to get in trouble for?


A. Disassembling household appliances to see what they looked like inside.


B. Building elaborate forts using all of the pillows and blankets in the house.


C. Arguing with my teachers about the best way to do . . . everything.


6. What are you most looking forward to getting from the IoT?


A. Data! And more data. I love data.


B. I cannot wait to be bionic. What is taking so long?


C. When my fridge knows I am almost out of my favorite beverage and then orders it for me, that’s going to be a great day.


7. What excites you most about the future of additive manufacturing?


A. It’s fun to come up with design ideas and then watch them print.


B. Additive manufacturing is going to change the way we build so many things that we can’t even begin to grasp how much better it’s going to make the world.


C. I should probably say something deep here, but honestly, it’s being able to print my breakfast.


8. Your favorite reality is:


A. Augmented reality. It’s like real reality, except way better.

Tally your score

Give yourself three points for each A, two points for each B, and 1 point for each C.

1-24 points: Congratulations! You see what’s wrong around you and you can’t help but want to fix it. You were born to be a mechanical engineer.

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About the Author

Cat McClintock

Cat McClintock edits the Creo and Mathcad blogs for PTC.  She has been a writer and editor for 15+ years,  working for CAD, PDM, ERP, and CRM software companies. Prior to that, she edited science journals for an academic publisher and aligned optical assemblies for a medical device manufacturer. She holds degrees in Technical Journalism, Classics, and Electro-Optics. She loves talking to PTC customers and learning about the interesting work they're doing and the innovative ways they use the software.