Pro/ENGINEER Users: Modify Imported Models with Creo Parametric and FMX

Written by: Geoff Hedges

Product development is increasingly collaborative and distributed and whether it’s acquired companies or working with clients or suppliers, dealing with different CAD systems and formats is now common place. The challenge? 6 in 10 CAD users find modifying models from other 3D CAD systems difficult (as reported in a 2011 PTC survey of over 7,000 manufacturers).

And while you may already know that the Creo Flexible Modeling Extension (FMX) for Creo Parametric is ideal for late stage design changes to both Creo and Pro/ENGINEER models, you should also know FMX is ideal for those who need to modify imported models from others, including clients, suppliers, partners, and teams in your company using other CAD tools.

But how does this extension for Creo Parametric compare to Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire when it comes to modifying imported models? Well for engineers wanting detailed comparisons and asking why and how did Creo get so much better? You can watch this new head-to-head comparison of Creo 2.0 versus Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0.

Direct Editing of Imported Models

With the Creo Flexible Modeling Extension, designers can directly edit any imported model.  Designers can easily select and directly edit a range of geometry including holes, bosses, faces, etc.

Intelligent Pattern and Symmetry Recognition

Save time by intelligently recognizing and grouping geometry based on patterns or symmetry and creating a feature that can be quickly changed. For example, don’t change the diameter of every hole in a model individually, group them and change them in one step. That helps avoid repetitive, error-prone, manual tasks.

Fully Integrated in Creo Parametric

And Creo FMX is available directly integrated in Creo Parametric, quickly access commands using the dedicated UI tab and other productivity enhancing short cuts (versus having to enter another tool or mode typical in other CAD software). The result is immediate productivity for those familiar with Creo Parametric.

Share  Design Proposals

Once you’ve modified the imported model, you can even share it back to the original owner, so that they have record of any changes you’re proposing.


Designers will also find the direct editing capabilities robust, able to handle complex cases. Watch the comparison to see how easily Creo FMX can handle cases like complex bosses.

Some of these items may seem like huge changes, while others seem minute, but the reality is that the fewer mouse clicks and menus you go through, the faster you can modify imported models – in fact up to four as fast as Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire.

Want to try Creo FMX and Creo Parametric for free? Download the trial version.

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