Four Companies Crushing It with Creo
Written By: Cat McClintock

Every 3D CAD company claims to give you a competitive advantage. More collaboration. Better efficiency. More powerful integrations. Unbelievable graphics. The list goes on. You’ve heard it all before. Of course we say the same about Creo.

But, so do our customers.

Listen to these 4 companies crushing it with some help from Creo:

Improving quality and reducing design time

A family-owned company specializing in sheet metal manufacturing, Metal Formers offers unique and cost-effective solutions. The company takes pride in helping customers bring products to market, no matter how complex.

Since the team performs a lot of prototyping and short product runs, they need to manage time and materials efficiently. By using Creo, Metal Formers improved quality and reduced design time by 66%.

Take a look at their story:

Merging sensitivity of a designer with the precision of a mechanical engineer

Valerio Cometti + V12 Design provides clients with innovation, product design, and creative direction. One of the company’s goals has been to align its engineering and creative efforts. The team needed a software package that allowed it to support the vision of its designers while delivering engineering precision.

They found the solution in Creo—a modeling platform the team can use throughout the development process.

Combining direct and parametric modeling

The third largest manufacturer in Spain, BQ designs and develops mobile phones (as well as 3D printers, tablets, and e-readers). Though technically an “engineering company,” BQ says it manufactures its mobile phones to ensure the products meet the needs of clients. Needless to say, time to market is crucial.

In the past, BQ used non-parametric tools to design 3D models. Direct modelers like these make sense for creative work, as they don’t impose constraints and, as a result, free up designers to follow their imaginations as they work. However, any downstream company that wants to reuse and modify designs typically needs a traditional parametric modeler to ensure design intent stays intact.

BQ now gets the best of both. Creo’s combination of direct and parametric modeling means BQ gets precision and structure with parametric tools, while still enjoying the freedom of direct modeling. The company can quickly leverage the best of their previous designs, without compromising innovation.

Here’s the story:

Going from a concept to the market quickly

Weinor is the market leader for sun, wind, and rain protection products in Northern Europe. The company is known for its durable, modular, and stylish products. Of course, it’s difficult to create highly technical and customized products on a short timeline. However, thanks to Creo and Windchill, the Weinor team reduced time to market and costs.

Specifically, Weinor benefits from Creo’s high-quality visual representations. Its sales team sees new products early in the design process. This means marketing and product communication materials are completed much earlier in the development process, and the completed design goes to market more quickly.


Take a look:

What Can Creo Do for Your Business?

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