Crawly, Creepy CAD: Five Designs for Halloween

Written By: Cat McClintock
  • 10/24/2017

If you missed our previous post on some of the cool stuff designers are building in CAD and Creo and posting on GrabCAD, go here. For this post, you might want to keep the lights on and check behind your back. No, it’s not your project manager creeping up and asking you about that deadline—it’s five Creo designs we discovered on GrabCAD, all with a Halloween flavor.

Bat attack

What’s the one image you think about when it comes to vampires and a full moon? If you answered “bat” you win. Sure, this is more related to Batman and Gotham City, but it’s awfully cool. User Rushabh Rastogi built the model in Creo 3.0 Parametric.

Bat profile

Source: GrabCAD

Wheel of misfortune

Bats. From superheroes to haunted houses to dark stormy nights, they inhabit most scary stories. User Sai Kishan has taken the whole bat concept to another level by creating a bat wheel.  What’s a bat wheel? According to Sai it’s a wheel with a grip made from a bat sign. And it’s in 3D.

Ring of bats

Flash rhymes with …Yash

Every Halloween it’s either Batman or Superman. Always. When’s the last time you saw a Flash costume? Regardless, this project by Yash Lad in Creo Elements isn’t a costume per se but it sure is inspiring. Maybe for next year’s costume party?

Source: GrabCAD

We all scream (and scream)

User Avijit Dabhi developed a 3D model of the famous mask from the movie “Scream.” If you want to see the 3D version, go here and see for yourself. It’s a real, well, scream.

Source: GrabCAD

Go green

Still looking for a costume idea? Another neglected superhero is the Green Lantern. If you do decide to dress up, you’re going to need his ring to get extraordinary powers and fight evil (or fight off pesky trick or treaters). Madhu balan has you covered.



Source: GrabCAD

Have you scared up any cool CAD designs in Creo and posted on GrabCAD? We’d love to see it. Send us a link to your GrabCAD (or other repository) models at!

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