vuzix and vuforia studio combine to increase productivity for enterprises
Written By: Ryan Orwoll

Enterprises are leveraging hands-free mobile computing technology, like Vuzix, to enhance productivity and efficiency in various fields including service, logistics, manufacturing, and more.

In the past, authoring assisted reality content required expansive resources, complex tools, and extended development cycles—but, not anymore. Vuforia Studio’s release with support for Vuzix, allows content authors to take advantage of Studio’s easy-to-use authoring environment to create voice navigation and 2D interactions; all the while, requiring no programming skills.

Enterprise stakeholders can easily create scalable user interactions leveraging new or existing 2D content, such as assembly procedure documents, videos, and real-time IoT data.

With the combination of Vuforia Studio and the Vuzix M300, organizations can expect to:

  • Increase the efficiency of service technicians—use step-by-step instructions included in repair procedures and workflows
  • Provide on-demand reference materials quickly—include documents, videos, and links in assisted reality experiences
  • Ensure worker safety and productivity—leverage built-in voice commands to navigate between screens

Rapidly create assisted reality experiences using Vuforia Studio

Discover how your organization can deliver scalable assisted reality experiences that transform manufacturing, service, and training processes.

Additional Contributor:
Amanda Zupfer
Principal User Assistance Writer at PTC, currently working on Vuforia Studio and Vuforia Chalk

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Sr. Director of Product Management at PTC on the Vuforia Studio Team currently leading the product direction and roadmap for the head-mounted eyewear and smart glasses capabilities in Vuforia Studio.