Top 5 Vuforia Studio Use Cases
Written By: Claire Cavanaugh
5/27/2021 Read Time : 3 min

Today’s Vuforia Live event featured more than 40 augmented reality (AR) expert speakers, who shared a deep dive into the Vuforia AR Enterprise Suite and its portfolio of offerings, customer success stories, product tips and tricks, and more.

Notable among the sessions was the deep dive into Vuforia Studio: Driving Operational Efficiency with AR. The session revealed how manufacturers are using Vuforia Studio to realize business value, improve workforce training and instructions, and visualize their existing CAD and IoT data.

What Is Vuforia Studio?

Integrating AR, computer-aided design (CAD), product lifecycle management (PLM), and Internet of Things (IoT) data, Vuforia Studio equips frontline workers and customers with AR experiences that solve a variety of high-value business problems. Here are the top five most valuable Vuforia Studio use cases:

1. Product Familiarization and Training

AR experiences delivered through Vuforia Studio can upgrade your training programs and help familiarize frontline workers with equipment—whether or not they’re on-site to see the equipment in front of them. Before completing a repair, frontline workers can familiarize themselves with products through AR-powered 3D models and training applications. Completely remote learning is also made possible through virtual model-based training. And when it comes to completing a repair in-person, workers can learn tasks in real time through 3D content overlays on physical assets.

2. Product Visualization

Industrial sales and marketing teams can improve the customer experience through virtual validation and display. These experiences enable 3D views of complex products so customers can “see” the equipment in their physical environment, personalize their own versions, or even observe it at scale in a limited space.

3. Customer Self-Service

The “next normal” of COVID-19 places a greater importance on alternative approaches to service. Vuforia Studio AR experiences empower customers with self-service guidance through maintenance and service procedures. And when combined with IoT data visualization, these experiences help customers predict when equipment needs maintenance and solve problems before they interrupt operations.

4. Guided Service Instructions

Service technicians in the field can leverage immersive 3D instructions to perform everything from routine maintenance to complex repairs—eliminating the need for paper-based instructions, manuals, and drawings, which could be missing critical, timely information. When combined with IoT data, guided service instructions help technicians get real-time insights into equipment operations to solve potential problems before they occur.

5. Parts Identification

Identifying equipment parts through an AR experience helps workers ensure they’re completing repairs correctly—especially when some parts might be difficult to differentiate from others. This also helps manufacturers improve cost-savings by ordering the right parts the first time, thereby avoiding extra inventory.

Transform Training with AR Experiences That Empower Your Workforce

Empowering your workforce and your customers with clear, timely information—wherever they may need it—is critical. Whether these use cases represent a long-term goal or a starting point for AR in your organization, Vuforia Studio has the flexibility to deliver business value at any stage of your AR journey.

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