Helping Manufacturers Produce Ventilators with Augmented Reality

Written by: Kaleigh Mota

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With COVID-19 related hospitalizations on the rise, companies outside the medical device industry are quickly gearing up to start producing ventilators amid the pandemic.

COVID-19, which attacks the respiratory system, requires severe cases to be treated with a ventilator. The widespread nature of the virus has led to a shortage of ventilators in hospitals across the globe.

Several corporations such as Ford, GM, and Tesla are stepping in to start their own production of ventilators in order to meet the surging demand.

This “all hands-on deck” approach is pulling workers from their areas of expertise and placing them in a new line of production work, where they will need to be brought up to speed quickly. Ventilators are complex machines—adapting to their new supply chains and assembly procedures will not be an easy task.

Accelerating learning with augmented reality

PTC’s Vuforia Expert Capture provides the perfect solution to help manufacturers accelerate learning to rapidly bring workers up to production speed. With an augmented reality or mixed reality headset, ventilator manufacturers can visually capture their assembly procedures and quickly transfer those instructions to other manufacturers around the globe in an augmented reality experience.

Subject matter experts can use hands-free voice commands to capture easy-to-follow videos and pictures of their assembly procedures—without having to dedicate time to transcribe a set of instructions. After recording the procedure in real-time, they can easily edit and fine-tune the content before publishing.

Once the captured instructions are available, other employees or manufacturers can access them on a mobile phone, tablet, computer, or AR headset to accelerate production in their own facilities.

As the virus is changing the world and work as we know it, it's important to leverage new techniques and technologies so that we can unify across industries to beat this together. Augmented reality solutions like Vuforia Expert Capture empower manufacturing workforces with scalable 2D and 3D work instructions that can help them accurately complete complex ventilator assembly procedures.

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