Karen Conway

Executive Director, Industry Relations

As executive director of industry relations for GHX, Karen Conway works internationally with standards bodies, government agencies, industry analysts, academic researchers, trade associations, hospitals, healthcare systems and suppliers to optimize clinical and business performance through supply chain excellence.

Conway is a recognized expert and speaker on the topic of unique device identification and the benefits that can be delivered across healthcare with data on real world performance of medical­surgical products and the ability to better source, procure and utilize products that improve both the cost and quality of patient care. She also writes and lectures on the topic of the Accountable Healthcare leader, drawing from the concepts outlined in the 2013 global leadership book, Leading from the Edge, which she co-authored with the former chief talent officer of Cisco. Conway was also a contributing author to eBusiness in Healthcare, published by Springer in 2008.

Conway serves as national chair-elect of the board of the Association for Healthcare Resource and Materials Management (AHRMM), which is the supply chain organization for the American Hospital Association. She serves on the board of the Arizona State University Health Sector Supply Chain Research Consortium, co-chairs the HIMSS Supply Chain Special Interest Group and is active in the Medical Device Supply Chain Council and the Strategic Marketplace Initiative (SMI) Conway will complete a Master's of Science in the Science of Healthcare Delivery from Arizona State University in early 2017.