Kameelah Benjamin-Fuller

Kameelah Benjamin-Fuller (she/her) drives transformational change as an activist, champion of equity, diversity, and inclusion (ED+I), musician, and mom. As Chief Diversity Officer and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Leader at PTC, she is responsible for supporting the company’s full activation of opportunity in this space.

She brings over 20 years of experience in DEI and CSR initiatives across industries including entertainment, financial services, technology, and travel. Kameelah is passionate about empowering individuals, communities, and organizations to recognize their ability to create impactful change through strong brands, healthy environments, and clear purpose.

She’s worked with organizations including Gillette/P&G, Korn Ferry, youth programs, social justice organizations, and correctional facilities. Most recently, she co-founded and led ED+I at Tripadvisor, where she ignited a small program into its current global remit, extending efforts into the workplace and product experience.

As the founder of G-Rock Music, Kameelah has dedicated the past several years to elevating the voices of womxn in rock and womxn of color in music. The collective focuses on showcasing emerging, renowned, and legendary womxn in music by creating forums and platforms for artists to share their story and their craft.

Kameelah received her Bachelor of Arts in Government from Cornell University, and her Master’s in African-New World Studies from Florida International University.

She has a penchant for karaoke, RVing, and classic rock.