About PTC Academic


About PTC Academic

Our mission at PTC Academic is to empower students and educators to succeed in the next generation of industry where physical and digital worlds converge. PTC Academic’s university offerings provide PTC technologies and solutions to thousands of universities and schools across the globe to support classroom curriculum and academic research.

Through community outreach we collaborate with K-12 schools, education programs and community service programs to support workforce development, education innovation and social causes. PTC Academic offerings prepare students to design, manufacture, operate, and service things for an increasingly smart, connected world. With access to on-demand flexible learning and emerging technologies available through PTC Academic, students can develop the skills they need to stay competitive in the new digital landscape. 

The Academic team at PTC is a mix of designers, creators, engineers and educators exploring modern EdTech solutions. Our focus on how people learn in tandem with more than 30 years of industry experience allows us to combine best practices in education with best-in-class technologies to ensure that both students and educators succeed.

"The Academic Program is excited to function as an intermediary that connects the industrial world to the academic world, whether it be for professors, educators or for students to help them understand the technologies that are coming."
Dr. Jordan Cox, SVP Global Academic Program

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