TPM Security Vulnerability Response Center

Visit this page for the latest information on the TPM security vulnerabilities (CVE-2023-1017 and CVE-2023-1018) impact on PTC Products

TPM vulnerability impact on PTC products

PTC products are not directly impacted by the TPM Vulnerabilities CVE-2023-1017 and CVE-2023-1018.

PTC believes that addressing cybersecurity threats is a shared responsibility across software providers, customers and active users of the software, partners and software integrators, governments and regulators, and more. PTC remains committed to fulfilling its role as a software provider in this shared responsibility model and strongly encourages other groups—including customers and active users—to fulfill theirs.

PTC Cloud is fully committed to applying all formally recommended actions to protect against any exploitation across all technology vectors supported as part of our Cloud service. As part of that commitment, we are completely aligned with PTC’s various R&D organizations. As applicable, we are proactively and expeditiously executing required actions that best protect our customers against security threats.