Coordinate your high technology demands, transform your processes, and deliver profitable products on time

Between your cutting-edge product lines and global collaborative teams that never stop reaching for the next big disruption, the electronics and high-tech industry sees only possibilities. Discover how PTC product lifecycle management (PLM) can help address key business challenges in your industry, from accelerating product innovation cycles to global and outsourced design and supply chain execution, including:

  • shorter product lifecycles at a lower cost
  • rapid response  to changing market conditions with fewer resources
  • driving digital transformation to deliver design anywhere, build anywhere 
  • global supply chain and outsourced design team collaboration 
  • improvements in quality and product profitability 

Orchestrate product digital thread and drive connected manufacturing

By implementing PTC's product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions, you can now unite siloed teams and give them unified control over end-to-end product and process data either on prem or in the cloud, so you can get back to what you do best: rapidly adapting existing models to deliver customer-centric experiences of the utmost quality. 

Be a driver of reinvention and break ground on the next great disruption:

  • pivot to consumption-based, as-a-service business models
  • access real-time customer and product performance insights
  • redefine the user experience
  • create end-to-end digital threads for all of your products


正常運作時間至關重要,必須淘汰成效不彰的工作指示。對於電子及高科技業而言,領導廠商想在市場站穩腳步,就得要有卓越的工作人力和高品質的產品。Vuforia 擴增實境解決方案可讓各領域的專家創造可擴充的擴增實境內容,從工廠、現場服務到銷售與行銷,都證明其商業價值。

electronics and high tech microchip

Leveraging technology disruptions to transform your digital design and supply chain

Jabil, a global manufacturing services company, wanted to expand into the design engineering business—which meant data management was going to become far more complicated, especially when collaborating across 45 global teams. Jabil addressed these problems by moving from manual BOM management to digital BOM management, resulting in faster time to market, reduced costs, and improved customer collaboration and satisfaction.

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