PTC Extended Support FAQ

What is Extended Support? How does it compare to Standard Support?
"Extended Support" refers to an optional offering, available to active Maintenance or subscription customers for purchase, which extends the time period during which customers may request resolutions to software performance issues. The extended support period for each software release begins immediately after the "Standard Support" period ends. Correspondingly, "Standard Support" refers to the time period during which all active customers receive technical support, and are able to submit requests for software resolutions. The standard support period lasts for four years after a product’s First Customer Shipment (FCS)

Which products and versions of software are eligible for Extended Support?
The extended support program applies to a subset of PTC products and versions. This subset is clearly identified on the PTC Product Release Calendar

How long is the Extended Support period?
Extended Support is a fixed, one year period from the expiration of the standard support end date.

If Extended Support is not purchased, will all of the existing SPR's be resolved prior to the Extended Support period?
PTC will do our best to resolve as many critical SPR's as possible before the Extended Support period begins. But, we can-not guarantee that all existing SPR's will be resolved prior to the Extended Support period.

If Extended Support is purchased, will all of the new SPR's be resolved within the Extended Support maintenance builds?
PTC will do our best to resolve as many critical SPR's as possible during the Extended Support period. The total number addressed within each Extended Support maintenance build will depend on the total number, and complexity, of the critical SPR.s. But, we can-not guarantee that all SPR's will be resolved prior to the end of the Extended Support period.

What if the customer’s Maintenance or Subscription agreement ends during the Extended Support period? Will Software resolutions still be delivered?
No. Customers must continue to be active on Maintenance or Subscription in order to receive Extended Support.

Can Extended Support be purchased for a portion of the one year period?
The Extended Support option price is a flat fee, covering the entire one year period and cannot be pro-rated. If a customer purchases Extended Support part way through the covered period, the price remains the same.

Are there other changes to the PTC Product Support Lifecycle?

The PTC Product Release Calendar provides a comprehensive view of each product's lifecycle from launch to retirement. Effective October 1, 2007, the length of time and type of support was re-defined for specific products. These changes will improve customers planning for updates to current versions. Complete definitions of the new categories appear at the end of the PTC Product Release Calendar.
The new categories are: Standard Support, Sustained Support and Extended Support.

Does this program apply to other non-Windchill products?
No. The Extended Support program is for specific Windchill products:

  •    Windchill Foundation
  •    Windchill PDMLink
  •    Windchill ProjectLink
  •    Windchill PartsLink Classification and Reuse
  •    Pro/INTRALINK 8.0 and 9.0.
  •    Pro/INTRALINK 3.4 and Product View Graphics Server if included with Pro/INTRALINK 3.4

Can Extended Support be purchased for some of the active seats while keeping others on Maintenance without Extended Support?
No. Extended Support must be purchased for all of a customer's active seats.

How will quotes be given?
Customers will reach out to their Renewal Sales Representative and a quote will be initiated.