Soluzione # - CS231610

Configuring ThingWorx Platform to use SSL/TLS HTTPS with a certificate signed by a Certificate Authority (CA)

Modifica: 18-Nov-2022   

Si applica a

  • ThingWorx Edge SDK 6.0 to 6.1
  • ThingWorx Platform 6.0 to 9.3


  • How to configure ThingWorx server for SSL
  • How to configure ThingWorx server to use a signed certificate
  • Secure HTTPS communication on ThingWorx Platform
  • How to configure ThingWorx Platform / Apache Tomcat for secure SSL/TLS HTTPS communication
  • Secure client connections to the ThingWorx Platform
  • How to use a SSL/TLS certificate signed by a well-known provider like DigiCert or Verisign with ThingWorx Platform
  • Configuring Apache Tomcat to use a certificate signed by an internal Certificate Authority (CA)
  • Configuring ThingWorx to use a SSL certificate signed by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA)
  • Before enabling SSO, everything works perfectly
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