Convert Any Language into C or C++ Code with PTC Lex & YACC

Simplify the Development of Interpretive and Analytical Software

PTC Lex & YACC simplifies the development of interpretive and analytical software such as customized compilers and parsers. By automating complex processes like user input translation, PTC Lex & YACC provides valuable aid to those who write compilers, database query languages and text processing applications. This allows developers to concentrate more on creativity, and spend less time on the monotony of lexical analysis and grammar matching. 

Together, the PTC Lexical scanner and PTC YACC parser generators form a powerful program generation tool which processes any language specification you provide into usable C or C++ code. 

  • Fully compatible with UNIX® System Lex and YACC, System V and BSD
  • Integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio v6.0 and VS.NET
  • Tracks POSIX.2 and x/Open standards
  • Generates C or C++
  • Now includes new grammars
  • Grammars are easy to modify and enhance (including C++ and Java)
  • Includes comprehensive tutorial examples

Effective with the release of PTC MKS Toolkit 9.5, we discontinued the sale and/or update of licenses of our PTC Lex & YACC product. PTC MKS Toolkit for Developers and PTC MKS Toolkit for Interoperability now include the former standalone PTC Lex and YACC product.