Introducing PTC’s Flexible Modeling Technology

Improve product design with Creo and Flexible Modeling

8 Ways Flexible Modeling Improves Product Design

Companies of all sizes are adding flexible modeling capabilities to Creo to improve their product design process. These users are now handling late changes more seamlessly, evolving concept designs faster, and directly editing multi-CAD data from others.

Can Flexible Modeling Benefit Your Product Design Process?

Here’s how you can find out. PTC has developed a free Manager’s Kit, called the Essentials of Flexible Modeling. With just 30 minutes, the kit provides a clear introduction to the software. Plus, you’ll find the 8 ways Flexible Modeling improves product design, read about the benefits real users enjoy, calculate your ROI, and learn how to take the next steps.

With Flexible Modeling, engineers can modify geometry without worrying about constraints or history trees—it’s a perfect tool for when you’re exploring numerous design concepts or making last-minute changes to a design. Here are four of the eight ways Flexible Modeling can improve the product design process:

1. Drive Late-Stage Design Changes

When you work with 3D models, late-stage design changes can be painful and time consuming—often requiring you to recreate the model from scratch. But with Creo and the Flexible Modeling, you can make quick, easy modifications to your geometry, without losing the original design intent or the ability to make future changes. Find out more…

2. Improve Design Collaboration with Others

Few manufacturers have the luxury of a homogeneous CAD environment anymore. Even within their own firewalls, companies often use multiple CAD tools. Creo combined with Flexible Modeling shines in these environments as designers open 3D models from other systems and edit geometry directly. Find out more…

3. Create More Concept Designs

In many cases, concepts don't start from scratch - they start with one or more existing models. With Creo and Flexible Modeling, you can leverage and modify those models to speed up idea generation. Create new concepts without losing the design intent or embedded intelligence of the original model. Best of all, Flexible Modeling works with models created using parametric or direct approaches. Find out more…

4. Ease CAD Consolidation In-House

By standardizing on Creo, companies can cut product introduction time, streamline processes, and increase product quality. Find out more…

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