Creo Elements/Direct Part Library

Access Over 170,000 Standard Parts to Quickly Create Product Designs

Creo Elements/Direct Part Library features a library of over 173,000 ANSI, DIN, ISO and JIS components, such as bolts, washers, nuts and miscellaneous hardware. In addition to reusing these 3D design components from the library, you can also automate your product design process with time-saving machining commands. When used with Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager, you can manage every component in every product assembly.


  • Search and find the correct component inside the library with easy-to-use visual guides and catalog charts
  • Quickly create and modify complete bolted connections, including the drills (through several parts), screws, nuts, washers and other hardware
  • Create and modify drill holes through one or more parts in a linear, radial or grid pattern
  • Design shafts, feather keys and grooves using time-saving machining commands
  • Add your own company-standard CAD/CAM software components to your library
  • Easily insert standard fasteners and components into product designs and avoid spending time modeling off-the-shelf components
  • Fully detail product designs to include all components and fasteners
  • Minimize errors in fastener selections and housing constraints with system guidance
  • Add Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager to automatically generate a complete manufacturing bill-of-materials that includes all details from the standard parts within Creo Elements/Direct Parts Library as well as the product design
  • Reduce programming work for manufacturing by automatically inserting product manufacturing information directly into your model using the embedded design intelligence of  Creo Elements/Direct Part Library components
  • Speed drawing-creation by transferring product manufacturing information associated with Creo Elements/Direct Part Library components directly to drawings within Creo Elements/Direct Annotation


  • Add or copy designed parts and easily manage similar parts with different materials (parametric parts requires Creo Elements/Direct Advanced Design)
  • Add additional standards to user-specific area
  • Allocate materials to assemblies and parts (also recursively)
  • Select materials within tables
  • Assign color, density, reflection, and transparency
  • Automatically apply materials from the bill-of-materials
  • Customize material table via menus
  • Mark thread faces in Creo Elements/Direct Modeling
  • Automatically correct thread diameter
  • Guarantee correct representation in Annotation
  • Review and modify thread details
  • Create standard holes according to DIN or a user-defined parameter table
  • Automatically dimension drills in Annotation
  • Add manufacturing-related information during definition of bore holes
  • Work easily with a wizard-based user interface
  • Immediately see selected parameters
  • Place tolerance & fit table on drawings
  • Easily edit and use tolerance fit table
  • Find standard parts automatically stored in Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager
  • Assign article numbers to standard parts within the Creo Elements/Direct Parts Library database for use in your Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager BOM

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