Creo Parametric: Assembly Management & Performance

Simplify Large Assembly Modeling

Unless your product has only one part, it’s an assembly. 

At their largest and most complex, assemblies can be massive endeavors that offer product designers the chance to combine technical skill, refined design and industrial craftsmanship. That’s what makes the work so exciting – and daunting. You find out quickly that integrity isn't just for politicians.  It's also for design teams struggling to maintain design intent in spite of a host of challenges.

Creo Paramatic

Improve assembly performance with an enhanced top-down design process that allows faster, easier design.


But you can’t work without access to your data. And it’s no fun waiting for a model with thousands of parts and subassemblies to materialize on your desktop. With Creo Parametric, you can create a simplified representation so your model loads faster. Why make your CAD system ‘bring down’ 1000 parts when all you want to do is add a label? With the simplified representation you can get to work quickly, looking at your own part in the context of the assembly and then isolating the data you need.

The software’s smart component placement capabilities save you time and frustration. Instead of asking you to select the components by hand, PTC Creo Parametric takes into account what the design constraints are and presents you with choices based on those constraints. There’s even real-time collision detection.

To extend your capabilities, turn to Creo Advanced Assembly Extension (AAX), an extension to PTC Creo Parametric. Using a top-down approach, the lead designer can create a skeleton model, define configuration rules, and give everyone up-to-date information. Enjoy all the efficiencies of concurrent engineering - without the chaos and wasted resources.

Download the Creo Advanced Assembly Extension Datasheet

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