Boart Longyear Case Study

Business Initiative

Boart Longyear is a global mineral exploration company headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. The company provides drilling services and drilling products for drilling and mining companies. By turning to the PTC Cloud, the company hoped to more efficiently manage their large Windchill installation.

Business Challenge

Boart Longyear was seeing issues with their previous cloud vendor managing their 300 Windchill PDMLink users, equaling 2.6 TB Data Storage for a production and two non-production environments. Challenges included lack of insight into support ticket status and delayed updates.


Driven by the expectation that nobody could manage PTC software better than PTC, the company turned to the PTC Cloud Services team. Implemented initiatives:

  • Consistent communications on support ticket status to avoid disconnects on support statuses

  • Dedicated technical resource point of contact to help with day to day technical questions but also upgrades

  • Regular satisfaction survey to obtain feedback & success metrics


  • 100% transparency of support ticket status
  • After a few months of operation in the PTC Cloud, performance had proved so strong that the number of replication servers could be reduced
  • Delivered smooth and quick version updates