Paul Sagar, Vice President of Product Management for Creo today announced the launch of Creo 4.0.

In a presentation at the PTC Forum event in Stuttgart, Germany, and online, Sagar introduced dozens of new capabilities and enhancements in the new release.

Paul Sagar presents themes for the Creo 4.0 release

Paul Sagar discusses themes of the Creo 4.0 live online from PTC Forum in Stuttgart.

Highlights of the Creo 4.0 release and the presentation follow:

Model-Based Definition

Sagar opened his presentation with an overview of Model-based definition (MBD) features in the new software. MBD offers an efficient way for product developers to keep manufacturing information and other data with a 3D model. Done right, MBD eliminates the need for 2D engineering drawings, which can get lost or outdated.

But the problem is that teams can struggle to adopt confusing MBD standards. Plus, it’s hard to keep up with the latest principles.

Creo 4.0 helps teams more easily comply with MBD standards, even if they aren’t trained experts. The software now guides users through the GD&T (global dimensioning and tolerancing, a major component of MBD) workflow. It also validates that GD&T is completed correctly.    

Model-based definition included in Creo 4.0

In Creo 4.0, users confidently create fully annotated, complete digital definitions of their product.

Before designers hand off a model downstream, they can be confident the MBD implementation is accurate and compliant, with Creo 4.0.

Productivity Enhancements

While every release of Creo includes enhancements for better and faster CAD modeling, Sagar and other long-time PTC insiders are saying this is the best collection of improvements they’ve seen yet.

For example, there are new full screen options and new right-click toolbars. In his presentation, Sagar said that “Creo 4.0 moves the needle in Creo usability,” noting that beta testers all praised the new, easier to use version of the software.

Intelligent tools bars make model tree and ribbon optional in Creo 4.0


A new intelligent mini-toolbar is available so designers no longer have to use the model tree or ribbon. IN fact, since they can do everything from the graphics screen, Creo 4.0 provides an option that hides everything but the graphics window.

Mirror option is among enhancements in Creo 4.0

Users no longer have to create a huge number of duplicate parts when mirroring assemblies. Creo can intelligently mirror parts and reposition symmetrical parts automatically. Intelligent assembly mirroring cuts out needless part duplication.


Geometry search now available in Creo 4.0

From Sagar’s presentation:  Tools like Geometry Search, introduced in Creo 4.0, help users to search on features, like rounds, and save them for later.

[Ed. That’s just a taste of the enhancements in Creo 4.0. We’ll be talking more about them on this blog for months and months to come!]

Design Visualization

Creo 4.0 also introduce advances for better design visualization, giving designers and engineers new, more efficient ways to produce high-quality, photorealistic renderings. These images leave no doubt about what your design will look like in real life.

The software includes improvements to the core capability and also adds an Advanced Rendering Extension, which draws on PTC partner and industry leader KeyShot capabilities.  

Rendering in Creo 4.0

With Creo 4.0, Sagar said, even engineers can quickly use rendering with other 3DCAD tools to create more impressive images for design reviews

And note, rendered images can be shared with partners and customers without including all the valuable IP you used to create them.

In addition, augmented reality capabilities in Creo 4.0 will help users  visualize models in the real world, getting a more realistic sense of size, scale and context.

Augmented reality features will be available in Creo 4.0

Users will be able to create their own augmented reality experiences with Creo 4.0 using the Vuforia integration.

Smart, Connected Product Design

These days, everyone wants in on the internet of things (IoT). That’s because the technology makes product designs so much smarter —product developers can use sensors and communications technology embedded in their product to collect data and update functionality. They can even evaluate performance, and use the results to create better designs for future revisions.

Sagar announced Creo Product Insight, which PTC will make available in the summer of 2017. “You’ll be able to place sensors, optimize their number and location, and make sure you’re getting the right data streams from them,” he said.

Creo 4.0 will include features to help users succeed with internet-connected design, no matter what product they work on. Use it to optimize the use and location of sensors, replace assumptions with real-world data, and cut down on physical prototypes. 

It seems that if you ever wondered what the Internet of Things has to do with your 3D CAD software, Creo 4.0 is about to show you!

Design Complex Structures for Additive Manufacturing

In Creo 3.0, PTC began adding tools to help users better design models for additive manufacturing. With this new release, they can now optimize those designs in ways that are unique to 3D printing.

Sagar showed how they can now create lighter weight models by enlisting lattice structures where they might have used a solid in the past. These complex honeycomb-like models were often too difficult to manufacture, but require little extra effort for a 3D printer.

With Creo 4.0, lattices are easier to add and modify in the design.  Creo’s simulation capabilities further help users adjust structures for the highest strength possible, while still keeping weight down.

Variable lattice assitance

Creo 4.0 support the creation of even complex structures like this variable lattice pattern.

In fact, with Creo 4.0, you can make sure your 3D-printed lattices meet cost, weight, frequency, deflection, and other goals before you ever click print.

The Best of Creo 4.0

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