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Licensing for Windchill Upgrade to 11.1 or Later
Everything you need to ensure proper licensing for your Windchill upgrade

Maintain License Compliance

Use the License Management Utility and Performance Advisor to keep your Windchill licensing compliant over time.

Manage licenses with the Windchill utility

Starting with Windchill 11.1, manage Windchill licenses through the built-in License Management Utility. In the utility you can:

  • Retrieve licenses online
  • View the number of licenses purchased for each profile and the number still available
  • View compliance notifications you have received
  • Generate license usage reports

Use this information to manage license use and compliance, optimize the allocation of licenses, and identify needs for additional licenses.

Review changes in Windchill licensing compliance.

If you're using an uncapped license, follow its requirements.

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Monitor Windchill usage

The Windchill License Management Utility continuously gathers usage data and analyzes user behavior in real time. You do not need to enable auditing events with this built-in utility.

We recommend pulling a usage report monthly to provide visibility into your Windchill usage and determine how best to manage your licensing. When you are ready to pull the report in the utility, specify the dates and format.

Recommended resources

Compare usage to entitlements

Regularly compare the information in the usage report to the entitlements in your most recent Detailed License Report.

If you have changed entitlements or need to assess current licenses, request a Detailed License Report. Review how to obtain and use the report to assess licenses.

If you are using an uncapped license, be sure to monitor your Windchill use regularly in order to manage usage within the existing terms and conditions of your licensing.

Other tools to assess usage

The License Usage Report from Windchill is the main licensing tool. There are also tools for specific purposes.

The Windchill Performance Advisor monitors usage and general system characteristics. You can configure the tool to send diagnostic data to PTC and view results on a system dashboard. To use an uncapped license, you must agree to enable this tool.

The Windchill Diagnostic Utility (WinDU) generates a list of all registered users in the system.

Site administrators can generate Security Audit Reports of raw data that can be filtered many ways for a variety of reporting.

Recommended resources

License Compliance and Advisory Services

For questions about usage and compliance, contact License Compliance and Advisory Services. We can explain licensing compliance and best practices. We also work collaboratively with customers to assess license usage, compare usage against entitlements, and recommend optimal licensing. Contact us at advisory_services@ptc.com.