Статья - CS330379

Expert Session: Top 5 items to check for Thingworx Performance Troubleshooting

Modified: 04-Nov-2022   

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  • ThingWorx Platform 7.4 F000 to 9.2


How to troubleshoot performance issues in a Thingworx Environment? Here we will cover the top 5 investigation steps that will help you understand the source of your environment issues and allow better communication with PTC Technical Support
  •   Assumptions
  •   Tip 1: Monitor Thingworx Performance Metrics
  •   Tip 2: Monitor JVM Performance
  •   Tip 3: Monitor DB Performance
  •   Tip 4: Identify bottlenecks in service
  •   Tip 5: Stress Test solution
  •   Q&A Remarks
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