Статья - CS177127

Information needed when troubleshooting closing or pending Change Packages issues in Integrity Lifecycle Manager/Windchill RV&S

Modified: 28-Oct-2022   

Относится к

  • Windchill RV&S (formerly Integrity Lifecycle Manager) 2007 to 13.1


  • Troubleshooting issues when Change Packages cannot be closed or pending entries cannot be discarded
  • Errors when trying to work with a member or subproject
    • MKS161633: The revision cannot be locked as it is a pending revision in change package <cpid>
    • MKS125568: The operation cannot proceed because a pending operation for this member is already associated with change package <cpid>
    • MKS125573: The operation cannot proceed because there is a pending <type> operation for subproject <subproject>
    • change package referenced is closed or empty
    • MKS125567: The operation cannot proceed because user <userid> has an operation pending on this member
  • Pending member or subproject with closed change package
  • Pending flag not removed when change package is committed
  • Error message when trying to close a Change Package
  • For example:
    • MKS125577: Change Package <cpid> has pending entries and can not be closed
    • MKS125529: This change package entry can not be discarded since a more recent change package entry involving the member exists
    • MKS125211: The project file <project file path> is not registered with the current server
  • Change Package contains a pending entry and
    • member/subproject is not pending or
    • Change Package is Closed or
    • Change Package is Discarded
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