Windchill 11 Telecast: Part 1

Video Transcript

Great. Well, welcome, everybody. I'm so excited about Windchill 11. It’s such a big step forward for PTC and for our ecosystem of customers who depend on this technology to bring great products to market.
When I think about Windchill 11, I'm very excited about what the team has done in terms of the functionality, the complete dimension to help you capture product structures from computer-aided design tools and transform them into full engineering Bills of Material and then transform that into manufacturing Bills of Material and service Bills of Material while retaining the linkages between these different perspectives on the product. That’s really some great functionality that I know will really help our customers in terms of their own strategies for developing products.
I'm also excited about what was done with the SaaS and cloud dimension of the products. Obviously PLM, like so many other types of software, is headed to the cloud and PTC really now has a first-class offering to help customers get there and to deliver the power of Windchill in that form.
But what I’m most excited about is what the team has done with the ThingWorx technology being embedded in the Windchill product. It’s really fantastic because ThingWorx is this incredible piece of technology that has so much promise and that promise now has been built into Windchill 11, and that means some pretty interesting things; for example, very simple, sexy, easy-to-use user interfaces that blend together PLM data with data from other sources – could be ERP systems, could be actual products out in the field; a new search capability that's very simple and sexy and easy-to-use as well; and then the ability to connect to the product and to connect to other systems, including our ALM software, Integrity, and blend this altogether into user experiences that help people find the information in an integrated view and get their job done.
What we’re really doing with ThingWorx is putting the product in the center of Product Lifecycle Management. If you think about the term Product Lifecycle Management, the lifecycle means from idea through engineering and manufacturing and then selling and delivering the product to the customer and operating a product at the customer site and servicing the product and maybe someday even retiring the product. But the PLM industry has had a problem. We've had a big blind spot after the product leaves the factory. Are we really doing product lifecycle management or have we been doing product development, because once the product leaves our factory, we don’t really know what's going on.
Well, now we do because there's this special technology that helps you connect to a product and carry on a conversation with it even when it’s left your factory, when it’s deployed by your customers out in the field. Now this capability exists for the purposes of helping us to service products better, to operate products better, and quite frankly, to make products better.
So what am I thinking about? Am I thinking about IoT, Internet of Things, or am I thinking about PLM? Because fundamentally the concept of connecting things to the Internet is a concept for lifecycle management of those things.
So IoT is PLM.
So we've taken this fantastic technology of ThingWorx and built it now into Windchill 11, so that it's an engine in Windchill 11 to blend information from so many sources together into really great and powerful capabilities to help our customers to develop products, to deploy and operate those products, and to service them and keep the customer happy.
So I think it’s a big milestone for PTC and a big milestone for our basic customers who are moving forward down this journey together with us.
So congratulations to the team and thanks again as well to the customers who have joined us here. Thank you.