IoT Use Cases for Customers

Enhance the Value of Your Products with New Capabilities and Services

IoT Use Cases for Customers

  • Product Customization – Empower customers to remotely add or remove features, integrate with other applications, or change operating parameters to enhance their experience and product performance.

  • Usage and Performance Benchmarking –Enable customers to monitor and analyze the usage and condition of their products or benchmark with anonymized peers to uncover opportunities for improvement and improve utilization rates.

  • Remote Operation – Enable customers to remotely control and optimize their products and assets to reduce operational costs, mitigate safety risks, improve business processes, and increase employee and customer satisfaction.

  • Customer Self-Service – Enable customers to quickly diagnose and resolve issues themselves via augmented reality experiences or connected applications to maximize product availability and uptime and improve customer satisfaction.

Common IoT Metrics for Customers:

  • Retention rate; utilization rate

  • Customer satisfaction; net promoter score

  • Percent profit from new products/services

  • Market penetration

  • Customer Lifetime Value

  • Service cost; warranty cost; first time fix rate

  • Complaints; response time; resolution time

Sysmex IIoT Use Case

Sysmex is a provider of medical diagnostic instruments, reagents, and related software systems for laboratories and healthcare facilities throughout the globe.​

Sysmex utilizes the ThingWorx Platform to monitor usage and performance data across their customers to enable benchmarking services that help customers optimize their use of the Sysmex equipment they rely on.

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