Designing in a Multi-CAD Environment

Improve Design Collaboration or Easily Drive Consolidation in a Multi-CAD Environment

Few manufacturers have the luxury of a homogenous CAD environment anymore. Even within their own firewalls, companies use an average of 2.7 CAD systems. But beyond your own firewall, you have customers to impress, supply chain dynamics to comply with, and legacy systems that hold old designs. Here’s the big problem: everyone’s using a different CAD system. And with different systems come inefficiencies and redundancies. Data needs to be recreated, translation problems arise, and design intent is easily lost.

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It may seem working with multiple systems is unavoidable. Chances are that at least some members of your product design supply chain create files in a format different than your preferred system. What does that mean to product developers? Lost time and more errors as they exchange, then fix or recreate, models among supply chain partners and vendors.

Good news: Creo thrives in multi-CAD environments. And if you're thinking about improving design collaboration or consolidating your company’s CAD applications, Creo is the ideal suite of design software. Designers can open 3D models from other systems and edit geometry directly. Creo supports in-house consolidation of 2D, 3D, and other legacy systems that are still resulting in multiple formats within your own four walls. 

Creo Unite Technology

If you’re losing time importing and repairing models from disparate 3D CAD software systems, PTC Creo can help. With Unite technology, opening those “other” files is now straightforward.

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