Whirlpool создает потребительскую ценность с помощью PLM

Лидеры никогда не останавливаются. Лидеры трансформируются.

Послушайте о том, как корпорации Whirlpool, ведущему мировому производителю бытовой техники, удается сохранять лидирующее положение на рынке, расширяя возможности взаимодействия специалистов, работающих над разными брендами компании.

Whirlpool Corporation has many global teams that need to collaborate across their entire enterprise. The complexity of sharing information amongst 70,000 colleagues and 66 global facilities is a daunting reality.

Transforming the way they create, refine and communicate product information is essential to their overall global success. Learn how the use of PLM technology helps Whirlpool overcome the challenges by providing a single source of truth for every product, part and resource throughout the organization. By connecting and unifying the entire enterprise, Whirlpool can optimize its product development processes and the performance of its engineering teams to create truly global designs that not only meet, but exceed customer needs.