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Licensing for Windchill Upgrade to 11.1 or Later
Everything you need to ensure proper licensing for your Windchill upgrade

Assess Current License Usage

To help determine how many licenses you need for the Windchill upgrade, assess the usage of your current version with the Windchill License Usage Reporting Utility.

Gather the data

Usage stats will be part of your system once you are on Windchill 11.1 or later. Until then, gather information about the number of users and their activities in your current system with the Windchill License Usage Reporting Utility.

Download the utility at the link below. The utility in the Windchill 11.0 section supports all releases from 10.0 to 11.1. The download zip folder includes instructions for use.

To start gathering data, you must first enable all security reporting in Windchill. We recommend gathering data for several months, though it’s not required. The longer the utility gathers data, the better the report will demonstrate your organization’s licensing needs.

Recommended resources

Run the report

Once you’re ready to pull the report, specify the date range and export in a CSV file.

If some time has passed between pulling the report and acquiring new licenses, we recommend running another report in case the usage has changed.

Assess usage

The License Usage Reporting tool’s report will list the number of licenses you have and the different features your organization uses. The detailed report contains:

  • The number of registered and active users
  • A usage summary of active license groups, number of users in each group, total licenses, and number of licenses used
  • Detailed license usage, including the types of licenses used by each active user

For example, a report could show that 50 workers use the feature Project Management, and 100 workers use the PTC View and Print Only license.

Compare the report from the License Usage Reporting tool with the Detailed License Report that you requested to assess current licenses. If the report from the License Usage Reporting Utility looks inaccurate or incomplete, talk with your PTC sales representative about an advisory report from License Compliance and Advisory Services.