Artigo - CS291927

Linking one tag to another using PTC Kepware Products

Modificado: 25-Oct-2021   

Aplica-se a

  • LinkMaster to
  • KEPServerEX 6.0.2207.0 to 6.10
  • ThingWorx Kepware Server (formerly ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity) 8.0 to 6.10


  • Can one tag be linked to another tag?
  • How to copy tag values from one device to another
  • How to link tags between different channels/devices within same Kepserver instance
  • How to define input and output tags
  • How to read input registers and write (publish) the value into an output holding register with Modbus Ethernet driver
  • How can I now exchange the data between two OPC UA servers?
  • Using KEPServerEX to copy data from one OPC UA Server to another
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