Windchill 11 Telecast: Part 4

Video Transcript

We’re all used to it by now; on our smartphones, tablets and social media outlets, instant, intuitive apps that can be downloaded and used without training. Why not for PLM as well?
This ready access to information is especially important to product development companies where product-related information is their most valuable asset. It shouldn't be a secret to internal stakeholders who need to access or to impact product development data and processes. While many have made progress in improving sharing and access to product information, they have yet to democratize this information and to make it easily accessible to users beyond those who created it.
With Windchill 11, PTC introduces Kinex Navigate, a collection of role-based PLM apps. These apps are simple to use and require no training. They unleash product information for all roles; in manufacturing, on the shop floor, for service and even sales people.
Let me give you an example.
In this screen you see a list of simple apps that are presented for a role. We’ll start with a view drawing app. In this case we will enter a part number and quickly bring up a drawing for that part, so that you can get to that critical information that's communicated from design to manufacturing in one step.
Let's look at another example.
In this case a view part structure app; we’ll enter a part number for an assembly and what you see next is we’re bringing up a 3-D image of that assembly coupled with the part structure that describes that assembly and as we highlight a row in the part structure, the elements in the 3D assembly are also highlighted. This is a fantastic way to quickly understand the status of a part number and how the parts fit together in the design; critical information for procurement, tooling, process planning and sourcing roles.
These Kinex Navigate apps that are new with Windchill 11 make valuable product information easily available to everyone, and best of all, customers using Windchill today can take advantage of these apps immediately. There's no need to upgrade your existing Windchill deployment. So you can dramatically expand the value of PLM information across the roles in your company with no barriers.

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