Windchill 11 Telecast: Part 9

Video Transcript

Joining me now is John Lentine, VP Segment Solution Sales, to tell us more about the new options to deploy Windchill. Hi, John. Thank you for joining.

Hi, Kathleen. Thanks for having me.

So John, you’ve been at PTC for about eight years now. Can you tell me what excites you about working for PTC?

So I think there’s many things to be excited about working at PTC, but when I think back I’d say it’s the people, it's the technology and the software that we produce and then it’s our customers. And what's really exciting is to see the success in the innovative and breakthrough products that our customers are manufacturing and producing, and to know that PTC and our platforms have a bit to do with that is really neat and it makes you feel really good.

Now what about Windchill 11, what excites you about this new release of Windchill?

So when you come to an event like this and you hear from customers and all the success that they're having utilizing Windchill, it reinforces how much PTC and the Windchill platform means to them. And especially as we go into a smart, connected world, which we are in, as our customers start to embark on some of these technologies, they’re going to want a platform that can help them get there and it's reassuring and exciting to know that Windchill is the platform that can help them do that.

Now you’ve previewed this new release with a couple of customers. Can you share any feedback from the customers?

Well, I think what’s exciting about what the customers are saying right now about what we've done with this release is they feel like they’ve been given some flexibility, and that's the biggest thing that we've heard from them; flexibility in how they license the product and also how they deploy the product. So from a licensing perspective, we now have the ability to provide subscription licensing, which allows our customers to either scale up or scale down depending upon their needs. And then from a deployment perspective, it's great that we now can offer a managed services, cloud, true SaaS offering, which is very impactful, especially to some of our SMB customers, small and midsize businesses, who have been looking for solutions like this. So it's great that we can now go back to them and have these conversations.

Any final thoughts that you’d like to share with us?

Absolutely. So we’re really excited to get out in the field, myself and my team, to go out and meet with customers to talk about what's coming with Windchill 11 and how that might be able to impact them. So I would recommend and certainly encourage any of the customers that are watching this broadcast or here live to reach out to your PTC sales accounts teams, to your channel partners and set up some meetings and let's go talk about how Windchill 11 can impact them.

Thank you, John. We really appreciate you joining us today.