Windchill 11 Telecast: Part 11

Video Transcript

I am here with Brian Shepherd, Executive Vice President of the Solutions Group here at PTC. Hi Brian.

Hi, Kathleen.

Thank you for joining us at this event.

Happy to do that.

Can you tell us a little bit about what makes Windchill 11 so important to PTC?

It's a product that embodies our corporate strategy of taking a fresh look at solutions that our customers need to create new products in today's Internet of Things. It embodies the latest in technology that our customers need to be successful in this era of the Internet of Things. So I couldn't be more excited about the release of this and what it means for our customers.

Now Brian, I know that you’ve previewed Windchill 11 with some customers. Can you share feedback from the customers that you’ve shared Windchill 11 with?

We’re using agile development methodologies as we're creating the Windchill product and really all of our products at PTC. So we get constant feedback from our customers during the development process. So it is not just here at the launch where we get that feedback, but all the way through development, which really helps us fine-tune the user experience to make sure we’re solving our customers’ most important problems. So the feedback we've been getting has been fantastic. They really love the breadth of the application. They really love the new PTC Navigate apps that enable them to have Windchill 11 used by more people in their company. So across-the-board around the user experience, the breadth, and the new technology that brings device data into the PLM environment, they are excited about all of those things.

Thank you for being here with us today, Brian.

My pleasure. It's a great day for PTC and for Windchill and for our customers. Thanks, Kathleen.