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Develop breakthrough products with best-in-class design control, CAD, PLM, requirements, and BOM and change management processes.

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For life sciences innovators, improving lives is what counts—but for many, distributed teams and disconnected data impede innovation and put product quality at risk. Medical device makers who automate product engineering best practices consistently achieve better outcomes. With the right people, process, and tools in place, you can focus on what matters most: developing breakthrough products that save lives and improve medical outcomes.

Life sciences teams who master these product lifecycle disciplines can achieve the agility needed to succeed.


탁월함: 즉각적인 가치와 기능적인 적합성을 제공하는 PTC 솔루션

PTC의 기능에는 '커넥티드' 설계, 제조 및 서비스를 실현하는 탁월한 엔드 투 엔드 사물 인터넷 기능이 포함되어 있습니다.  이를 통해 SCOR 모델뿐 아니라 수많은 DoD OEM, 항공사 및 MRO의 공급망을 기반으로 군에서 '의미 있는 과거 실적'을 통해 입증된 복합 시스템(Systems of Systems) 접근 방식을 구축에 적용할 수 있습니다.

예를 들어, PTC의 SPM 소프트웨어 솔루션은 유지 관리를 통해 공급 및 수요를 동기화합니다. 이 복합 시스템 접근 방식은 모든 육지, 항공 또는 해양 기반 자산의 준비 상태를 최대화합니다.

Learn about PTC Windchill Product Quality

Explore the SAAS-based PLM solution designed to make life easier for medical innovators. 
  • Manage design control as an organic extension of your engineering lifecycle—not an afterthought
  • Establish automated, repeatable, and controlled engineering workflows
  • Adopt a sustainable, programmatic approach to compliance—including EU-MDR
  • Document and manage standard operating procedure notifications and training
  • Ensure the safety and security of engineering data and IP
  • Easily maintain up-to-date DHF (design history file) and DMR (device master record) documentation, and handle engineering audits with confidence
  • Improve engineering cycle time
"In order to accelerate the delivery of high quality medical devices, manufacturers need to look at integrated approaches across product development, quality and manufacturing as well as field action, such as Windchill Product Quality. "
Dan Matlis, President, Axendia

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