PTC LNS Research Report

LNS Research Report

LNS Research ReportThe internet of things (IoT) is already disrupting markets and transforming the world around us. Much attention has been given to how the IoT is changing the user experience. Equally important, however, is the effect that smart, connected products will have on the value chain. By enabling design-for-quality (DFQ) initiatives, these products can collect and deliver usage data and provide valuable feedback to direct quality improvement processes.

LNS Research has prepared this research spotlight, which explores how smart, connected products can and should be used to improve product quality.

Topics include:

  • How smart products are already creating data well suited for quality improvement
  • How product usage data will improve product performance reporting
  • How smart, connected products will inform a closed-loop value chain
  • The importance of comparing expected product use with actual product data
  • Quantifying the cost of disconnected product lifecycle processes
  • Actionable recommendations for successfully adopting quality optimization across the value chain

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