PLM Platform Structures for Product Variants

More Efficiently Manage Product Variants

Think of Your Product and Design as a Platform

Your customers are increasingly looking for customization – whether it’s to their specific market, geography, or industry. Rather than produce expensive one-offs for each customer, you can adopt a platform approach to product development.

By thinking about your product and design as a platform, you’ll be able to more efficiently make product variations. PTC Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) allows you to strategically design, create, manage, and validate your product variants to ensure that your customers get the products that they need.

Digital Product Definition

Purpose built, trustworthy product representation that can be used throughout the enterprise

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包括的なエンドツーエンドの PLM と、製品開発を加速させる堅牢な機能のポートフォリオの組み合わせ


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