Creo Elements/Direct Drawing Manager

Manage 2D CAD Data and Associated Files Within a Central Database

Creo Elements/Direct Drawing Manager, the integrated data management tool for Creo Elements/Direct Drafting, eliminates the need for manual design data management.

Customized for highly iterative design environments, Creo Elements/Direct Drawing Manager organizes 2D CAD data and associated files within a central database, allowing you to ensure design integrity, work with up-to-date revisions of design data across the team, and safeguard against accidental data loss. With Creo Elements/Direct Drawing Manager, companies of any size can easily track and manage design data across the product’s lifecycle without fear of outgrowing the system.


  • Automate processes and eliminate errors with ownership, revision and state control such as Work, Approved and Released states
  • Eliminate the time and expense of manual data management processes
  • Ensure design integrity and work with up-to-date revisions of design data across the development team with safeguards against accidental data loss
  • Provide open and controlled access with real-time status alerts, email, and pop-up notifications of updates and revisions
  • Use with single-site or multi-site implementations
  • Provide high-performance local access and global data consistency to multi-site companies
  • Reuse shared parts and assemblies across product platforms and multiple product configurations with Search and Where Used functionality to cut engineering time and drive manufacturing costs down
  • Use Creo Elements/Direct Drawing Manager as your centralized workgroup database, and share released design data with other enterprise systems, such as ERP
  • Experience a real-time, seamless product data management system inside Creo Elements/Direct Drafting– already pre-configured with industry best practices


  • Quick and easy 15-minute, 6-button-click installation
  • Add new users and easily assign permissions using predefined or specially configured groups to provide product managers and non-engineering departments with controlled access to the latest product design data and BOM (bill of materials) reports
  • Update drawing title blocks automatically with database attributes, such as revision number and change notes
  • Create and save an Adobe® PDF document (with optional watermarks) with 2D drawings
  • Add database attributes, such as material properties, to create multiple variations of a 2D drawing
  • Create, manage, modify and export bill-of-materials (BOM) from Creo Elements/Direct Drawing Manager (requires the add-on Creo Elements/Direct BOM Editor)
  • Interact with product design data through a familiar Microsoft® Windows Explorer® look and feel, including convenient access to My Recent Items, Favorites and saved Searches
  • Use thumbnail previews to view the 2D drawing before you load it into Creo Elements/Direct Drafting
  • Improve cross-locale support for distributed product development

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