Philips 社: 効果的なイノベーションで生活を改善


Philips 社の使命は、効果的なイノベーションで人々の生活を改善することです。これを達成するには、最適なアイデアを迅速に市場に送り出せるよう、企業内の各部門が密接な協力体制を築くことが必須です。Philips 社は単一の PLM プラットフォームを活用し、エンジニアリング、販売、サービス、マーケティングの各部門全体で適切な製品情報がそれを必要とするスタッフに行き渡るよう、グローバルな改革を進めています。

Philips is in the middle of a business transformation, where the focus of the business is on the customer, rather than the product. With over 100,000 employees worldwide, helping to generate over $30B in annual revenue, Philips must maintain close coordination within and across their various business units.

Collaboration is an easy concept to advocate within any modern business. But enabling true collaboration requires change across teams, processes, and technology. Through their common PLM program, each business unit – Healthcare, Lighting, and Consumer Lifestyle – is able to actively share product ideas, designs, and product development processes, thereby reducing the time it takes to get new products to market.

Beyond innovation also lie the challenges of serving customers across continents, each with their own specific product requirements. Managing product variants is an essential process that is made more efficient by their PLM journey; enabling engineers to find the part and product designs they need to innovate and improve.

Leaders at Philips know that the company’s mission to improve people’s lives requires a collaborative approach to innovation and product development. Fulfilling that mission is what drives everyone at Philips to achieve product advantage in the global marketplace.