Ever since we released Creo Design Exploration Extension (DEX), we’ve been posting articles here about how the new add-on for Creo fosters creativity and streamlines idea creation. By now, you’ve probably seen our short introductory video:

In fact, by now you might be hoping to see something besides that introductory video. This post is for you—and anybody who wants to dig deeper into this remarkable new technology. Read on for five resources for finding out more about Creo DEX.

  • How to Use Creo DEX. This 3:00 demo is available from PTC’s Learning Exchange. While these prerecorded videos require registration and login, they’re free to view. Plus, once you’ve created the log in, you can access hundreds more how to’s for all your PTC products.
  • The Product Data Sheet. Download this short PDF file to learn about what capabilities you can expect to find in the software, specifications, and whether it’s available in your local language.
  • The Tutorial. If you want even more depth, there’s a 9:00 tutorial embedded in this blog post. No registration required.
  • Two Essential Blog Posts. Curious about where Creo DEX fits into your design cycle? In these two pieces, you’ll learn about barriers to creativity and how Creo DEX can improve design reviews.