One of the great new features of Creo 3.0 is the enhanced integration of Creo Parametric with PTC Mathcad, PTC’s highly popular engineering calculations software.

Users will have the ability to integrate a PTC Mathcad worksheet directly inside a Creo Parametric part or assembly. They will also be able to seamlessly read and write parameters within the worksheet.

Integrating a PTC Mathcad worksheet directly inside a Creo part or assembly means embedding it within the Creo model. This means that the PTC Mathcad worksheet goes where the model goes, it’s saved in the same file. Engineering calculations relevant to that model can now be stored within the model using the extensive documentation functionality and live math engine that PTC Mathcad provides. When the Creo model is stored in a system like Windchill, the PTC Mathcad worksheet is stored as part of that model file. It is nto a separate file.

Once integrated, specific parameters within the PTC Mathcad worksheet can be tagged as inputs to the worksheet from the model or outputs from the worksheet to the model. Once the worksheet is saved, those parameters become available in the parameter table of the Creo model and can then be used to either send model data to the worksheet or send worksheet data to the model. There are two use cases here:

Analysis Driven Design is when the comprehensive math functionality of the embedded PTC Mathcad worksheet is used to define parameters which are then pushed to the Creo model to use in geometry or simulation.

Verification and Validation is when parameters from the model itself are sent to the worksheet to be validated against some pre-defined set of equations to ensure they fit within whatever criteria they need to adhere to.

The increased integration with PTC Mathcad will be available with the M020 release of Creo Parametric 3.0, which is due out later this year Creo Parametric 3.0 also includes a free license of PTC Mathcad Express, a free-for-life version of PTC Mathcad. With its engineering lab notebook format and ability to document live calculations, users can calculate and analyze parameters pertinent to their model and clearly document that engineering knowledge

Watch this quick video to find out how engineering calculations power the world around you:

Engineering calculations play a crucial role in all stages of product development, and PTC Mathcad has been the leading engineering calculation solution for more than 20 years. To see PTC Mathcad in action, watch this video.