Soluzione # - CS57440

How to load ACL using 'LoadFromFile' in Windchill PDMLink

Modifica: 13-Jul-2022   

Si applica a

  • FlexPLM 6.1 to 11.2
  • Windchill PDMLink 6.2 to 12.0
  • Windchill ProjectLink 6.2 to 12.0
  • Pro/INTRALINK 8.x + 6.2 to 12.0
  • Windchill PDM Essentials 6.2 to 12.0
  • PTC Arbortext Content Manager 6.2 to 12.0


  • How to load Access Control List (ACL) rules with XML structure files?
  • How to convert and use a CSV file for loading of Access Policy Rules?
  • How to load ACL at the Organization level?
  • What is the syntax and define field contents for rule.csv load file used for bulk loading of access policies (LoadFromFile Utility)
  • Cannot load policy LoadFromFile, Principal "XXX" not found
  • Bulk Load Utility for importing/adding new ACL by domain, state, users to library or product containers
  • Defining permissions when loading ACL template
  • Documentation regarding loading ACL
  • How to set absolute deny permission in load file?
  • How to set all except selected principal in load file?
  • Make a bulk change on permissions
  • Need example xml file to load ACL
  • How to use one load file to create access control rules in different contexts
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