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[Knowledge Hub] Creo Parametric - Multi-threading

Modifica: 27-Feb-2024   

Si applica a

  • Creo Parametric 1.0 to 10.0


  • Multi-threading in PTC Creo Parametric
  • PTC has been enhancing PTC Creo Parametric to leverage these technologies to improve the application performance and user experience
  • How PTC Creo utilizes multiple processors today and provide an insight into the roadmap for future multi core and multi-processor support
  • The benefits of multi-processor hardware with PTC Creo
  • What functionality uses multi-threading?
  • What kinds of performance improvement numbers can be expected from multi-threading?
  • Is multi core calculation supported when opening a lot of imported geometry?
  • How PTC Creo  leverages the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
  • Do more memory slots validate Single- or Multiple-threading functionalities for Creo Parametric?
  • Multithread hidden line removal in drawings in Creo 4.0
  • What CPU configuration is recommended except memory hardware configuration when retrieve large assembly
  • Creo Parametric has historically been predominantly affected by single processor clock speed and virtually insensitive to hyper-threading.  The faster the processor clock speed, the quicker Creo will regenerate a given model.  Are there any plans to make Creo Parametric able to take advantage of multi-threading
  • When running the model, how to set the number of CPU cores to maximize CPU performance?
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