Enabling mass customization with PTC

Groupe Beneteau

Groupe Beneteau enabled their customers to configure and see the boat of their dreams by using PTC technology to establish a digital thread that seamlessly connects internal teams, design partners, and suppliers.

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Lykan transformed their customer experience by using PTC augmented reality technology to allow buyers to fully visualize their custom-configured vehicle, improve customer satisfaction and streamline sales.

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Cannondale transformed their customers’ buying and service experiences, leveraging PTC’s augmented reality technology to deliver AR-enabled product demos, service instructions, parts identification, and more.

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Fujitsu increased their sales efficiency with PTC’s augmented reality technology, helping their customers configure and visualize how products will fit in their physical space.

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AR for Sales and Marketing

Discover how augmented reality is helping sales and marketing teams connect customers with immersive product experiences that accelerate the buying process.

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Infographic: Industrial Augmented Reality

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