Drive change by turning data into actionable insights

If you can’t measure productivity, compare activity over time, or percieve conditions, you’re holding your organization back. Real-time data visibility enables you to measure, analyze, act, and innovate the way you design, make, and service products. Access critical insights to increase efficiency and operational safety across engineering, manufacturing, service, and product management.

What is real-time visibility doing to help earn real-world results?

See how PTC's customers are turning machine and equipment data from the factory and field into actionable insights that help solve challenges and produce results.


Sapura enhanced visibility into machine performance and improved worker safety by using PTC’s industrial connectivity solutions to collect real-time equipment data from off-shore sites, evaluate performance against operational limits, and alert employees when compliance issues arise.

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Brembo turned real-time machine data into real bottom-line improvements by using PTC's solutions to cut scrap and reduce downtime.

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Howden gave their customers visibility into real-time operating data by using PTC’s IIoT and augmented reality solutions to incorporate equipment performance information into mixed reality work instructions.

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ESAB, the global leader in industrial welding products, revolutionized the metalworking process by using PTC’s real-time data solutions to automate the collection of real-time welding information and produce significant productivity gains.

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Woodward improved manufacturing efficiency by using PTC solutions to reduce training times and empower employees with real-time, actionable data.

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LACROIX Electronics

LACROIX Electronics improved their OEE metrics by using PTC’s real-time data solutions to optimize their production line performance.

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Unlock operational excellence with PTC’s real-time data solutions


Remote Condition Monitoring

Boost service quality and customer satisfaction by enabling predictive maintenance and service through real-time equipment data visibility.

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Capacity Utilization

Harness real-time equipment data to prevent failures, minimize downtime, and get peak productivity from your existing assets.

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Minimize Truck Rolls

Prepare your technicians with insights to solve problems on their first service visit, eliminating repeat truck rolls while building customer value and trust.

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IT/OT Convergence

Improve decision-making and compliance across your organization by breaking down the silos that prevent data availability between IT and OT systems.

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