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Howden put 160 years’ worth of product knowledge at operators’ fingertips by using PTC solutions to build immersive mixed reality-based instructions.

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Toyota increased the efficiency and effectiveness of their workforce by using PTC’s augmented remote expert assistance tools to overcome communication challenges, deliver expert guidance, and meet safety and security standards.

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BAE Systems

BAE Systems accelerated training efficiency by 30% by using PTC mixed reality solutions to rapidly increase workforce agility and efficiency.

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Improve industrial training for frontline workers with PTC


Vuforia Expert Capture

Transform expert knowledge into a reusable learning resource for your workforce by documenting immersive, step-by-step work instructions infused with institutional knowledge from your tenured experts and skilled employees.

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Vuforia Studio

Guide employees through complicated tasks quickly and efficiently using 3D work instructions. Visualize complex instructions and IoT data to support procedural compliance and enrich the employee experience.

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Scaling Expertise With AR

Industrial expert employees are vital not only for their immediate productivity, but also for enabling and training the new generation of the workforce. Capture and transfer this necessary knowledge by incorporating augmented reality into your training methods to reduce training times and demonstrate proper safety and compliance procedures.