Creo Options Modeler

Create Multiple Product Configurations

A configurable product is one for which different options are available.   

Every design variation, unsurprisingly called a variant, is its own product. Re-using platforms, modules, and parts makes sense: it costs less, uses what you already have and know, and lets you meet customer demand for ‘personalized’ products.  One bicycle can become a hundred different models thanks to modular parts.  

But you only benefit from efficiencies and lower costs if you can quickly produce product configurations that work.  Spreadsheets and CAD file-based approaches help for a while, but they’re relatively informal ways to associate potentially workable options with CAD models.  When’s the last time you sought to add informality to a key business process?  We thought so.

Creo Options Modeler, an extension to Creo Parametric or a stand-alone product, allows you to create and work with configurable structures.  When you combine Creo Options Modeler with Windchill, you can manage complex configuration logic easily, including content that comes from PTC or third-party applications.  

Learn more about Unite Technology, capabilities to address the challenges of multi-CAD environments.

Features & Benefits

  • Achieve faster design cycles by creating and validating product platforms in 3D early in the design phase
  • Reduce process errors and engineering rework by directly reusing available 3D models from Creo and individual bill-of-materials (BOM) from Windchill
  • Automate the creation of any product by defining common architecture and product platforms and help manage how they interface and assemble
  • Optimize products earlier by automating manually intensive, error-prone tasks
  • Increase design and engineering productivity by improving communication with customers, suppliers and coworkers.

Download the Creo Options Modeler Datasheet

Brian Thompson, VP of Product Management for Creo introduces and demonstrates Creo Options Modeler, a new app for creating and validating modular product design.

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