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A playbook for thriving in an IoT world

Smart, connected products and equipment are changing the way companies compete today.


There’s an enormous opportunity for companies that can be leaders in Internet of Things transformation.

$3.9 T

$11.1 T

$3.9 to $11.1 trillion

projected annual economic impact of IoT by 2025

Source: McKinsey

Getting the most value from IoT comes from connecting the dots between a new series of activities in your organization.

Your business becomes stronger as you become increasingly connected.

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Get more from the data you already have, and discover new insights to make better decisions.


Start to deliver new value by evolving your processes and activities, informed by data.


Finally, you can take advantage of the full potential of IoT to achieve unprecedented results.

This model can be applied across your organization as you start to take advantage of the Internet of Things.

Digital Engineering

Drive business results and continuous innovation by transforming your engineering practices and product designs.

Leading the way: HP

The teams at HP have leveraged product failure information to improve its next-generation products by implementing digital engineering processes.

Reduced annualized outage events for HP's customers:


Reduced average annual customer downtime:


IoT can overcome today’s digital engineering challenges.

As products become more sophisticated, producing them becomes increasingly complex.

Without a complete digital definition of a product, traditional product development processes are subject to inefficiencies.

These factors result in products arriving late to market, causing reduced market share and profitability.

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Make better engineering decisions and designs using real-world data.

Benefits of incorporating real-world data

  • Improved efficiency of product development
  • Reduced cost
  • Improved quality


Achieve new levels of innovation and business results by incorporating IoT technologies into your design practices.

Benefits of incorporating real-world data

  • Lowered development costs and time-to-market
  • New product and service model opportunities
  • Usage-based requirements drive better product development


Grow your market share and profitability through continuous innovation on evergreen products.

Benefits of incorporating real-world data

  • Improved products, both in the field and future generations
  • Proactively improve customer outcomes
  • New business models from evergreen products
  • New revenue opportunities from product performance data
  • Lowered costs based on insights from product operation


Continuously improve your operational performance and flexibility through digital manufacturing, real-time intelligence and predictive analytics.

Leading the way: GE

Smart manufacturing in GE’s Brilliant Factory initiative has resulted in a

10-20% reduction in unplanned downtime

IoT can overcome today’s manufacturing challenges.

Customers demand high-quality tailored products, delivered in shorter windows of time, at globally competitive prices.

Traditional approaches to improving production efficiency are no longer sufficient to maintain or extend competitive position.

Manufacturing executives must continue to improve margins and quality while increasing speed and flexibility.

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  • manufacturing wifi link a
    Unified Connectivity

    One unified data source provides real-time operational information from disparate assets, sensors, systems and external sources

  • manufacturing wifi link b
    Real-Time Issue Identification

    Status and performance of assets, production processes, and product quality are monitored in real-time. Anomalies and alerts are communicated via text, e-mail, web, and mobile dashboards.

  • manufacturing wifi link c
    Role-Based Intelligence

    Real-time, actionable, role-based access to operational information enables proactive and faster decision making

  • manufacturing wifi link d
    Predictive Analytics

    Maintenance, quality, and performance issues are predicted in real-time by applying machine learning to data from assets, sensors, and business systems

  • manufacturing wifi link e
    AR Enabled Operations

    Immersive factory experiences improve training, work instructions, quality validation, maintenance execution, and operations monitoring by layering digital information onto the user’s physical world

  • manufacturing wifi link f
    Digital Processes

    Manufacturing processes, quality plans, and work instructions are defined and delivered digitally

  • manufacturing wifi link g
    Agile Innovations

    Continuous improvement is executed with unprecedented speed and minimal risk, utilizing agile methodologies to rapidly create and continuously evolve innovative manufacturing applications

  • manufacturing wifi link h
    Supplier Visibility

    Operational visibility is extended to include supplier’s production status and quality performance using IoT edge connectivity

  • manufacturing wifi link i
    Synchronized Operations

    Aligned availability of assets, materials, tooling, and labor, at the right time and location to ensure flawless execution of production orders

  • manufacturing wifi link j
    Performance Benchmarking

    Standardized KPIs are used across assets, cells, lines, and factories to identify and disseminate best practices

  • manufacturing wifi link k
    Closed-Loop Digital Tread

    Physical manufacturing processes are compared with digital models to identify opportunities for continuous improvement


Unify real-time operational data from assets, sensors and systems, apply rules and anomaly detection to generate alerts and empower the workforce with context specific, role-based applications.

Benefits of adaptive, optimized operations

  • Improve information quality & reliability
  • Decreased unplanned downtime
  • Increase operator efficiency
  • Improve maintenance efficiency
  • Improve product quality


Streamline your operations and rapidly innovate with digital processes, predictive analytics and a guided workforce.

Benefits of adaptive, optimized operations

  • Accelerate continuous improvement
  • Increased speed and flexibility
  • Increased workforce efficiency
  • Improved product quality
  • Optimized maintenance processes


Achieve optimal execution through synchronized operations, performance benchmarking and closed-loop processes.

Benefits of adaptive, optimized operations

  • Improve and perfect production processes
  • Improve profitability
  • Reduce unplanned downtime
  • Shorten lead times
  • Improve agility and responsiveness

Service Transformation

Drive unprecedented value for your customers and your
organization by redefining the entire service model.

Leading the way: Trane, Diebold, and Varian Medical Systems

Manufacturers are redefining their business models using IoT and connected assets.

Varian has decreased MTTR by


Diebold uses remote service to cut site visits by


Trane has increased profitability and customer lifetime value, shifting the balance of service revenue to

$12 service per $1 product

IoT can overcome today’s service challenges.

OEMs face threats from inefficient inventory management, reactive service models, high costs, and aftermarket competition.

Customers demand enhanced service models, and poor service experiences erode customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Service leaders are responsible for driving more revenue and profitability for their enterprise.

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  • service wifi link a
    Service Visibility

    You always know where your products are and how they’re performing

  • service wifi link b
    Real-time Product Data

    Technicians and customers always have the latest information about parts and service

  • service wifi link c
    Digital Service Content

    Access up-to-date digital service information and part catalogs for seamless identification and ordering

  • service wifi link d
    Optimized Technician Workforce

    Technician visits, when necessary, are far more efficient

  • service wifi link e
    Proactive & Predictive Maintenance

    Product maintenance issues are identified and fixed before they occur

  • service wifi link f
    Remote Service

    Routine technician visits have been replaced by remote service, software updates, and customer resolution

  • service wifi link g
    Optimized Inventory

    Parts inventory is more effectively planned

  • service wifi link h
    Digital Twin

    A digital representation of an asset’s configuration and condition, current and historical

  • service wifi link i
    Product as a Service

    Contracts based on the utilization of assets

  • service wifi link j
    New Revenue Streams

    Create and deploy new value-added service offerings

  • service wifi link k
    Constant Analytics

    Analytics and product feedback enables design for service

  • service wifi link l
    More Profitable Contracts

    Quantifiable risk assessment to meet service level agreements and achieve profit margins


Make smarter decisions by analyzing your service and product data in real-time.

Benefits of real-time service insights

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased parts revenue for manufacturers
  • Reduced time for service event resolution
  • Service efficiency through improved visibility


Differentiate your service offering by improving and expediting the way you service products.

Benefits of differentiated service delivery

  • Reduced cost of ownership for customers
  • Increased product uptime and output
  • Lowered total cost to serve and improved utilization of technicians


Completely redefine value for your customers and your organization with new service offerings and business models.

Benefits of redefined service

  • Increased customer equipment lifetime value and retention
  • Increased revenue streams and growth from new offerings


Maximize your competitiveness and ability to quickly sense and respond to market trends and supply chain opportunities.

Leading the way: Deckers

Early visibility in the retail product development process has allowed Deckers to forecast earlier, on trend, and has enabled them to get

20 weeks closer to market

IoT can overcome today’s retail challenges.

Fast fashion business models have changed customer expectations around cycle times, even as supply chains have become increasingly complex.

Product choice has expanded exponentially, and consumers expect to find exactly what they want at the lowest price - whenever, wherever, and however they choose to shop.

Retailers who fail to adapt to the new paradigm are losing margin, market share and relevance.

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  • retail wifi link a
    Informed Planning

    Always know when and what styles should be carried over, replaced, dropped, or refreshed

  • retail wifi link b
    Voice of the Customer

    The voice of the consumer is incorporated frequently

  • retail wifi link c
    Vendor Participation

    Vendors lend their expertise into product development and costs

  • retail wifi link d
    Trend-driven Product Development

    Products incorporate new data-driven features and characteristics that resonate with consumers

  • retail wifi link e
    3D Product Design

    Virtual sampling and 3D-design enable faster cycle times

  • retail wifi link f
    Strategic Vendor Partnerships

    Vendors become strategic partners

  • retail wifi link g
    Seasonless Product Delivery

    Shift from traditional seasons to more frequently and rapidly delivered product lines

  • retail wifi link h
    Real-time Insights

    Make product decisions based on real-time data

  • retail wifi link i
    Personalized Products

    Consumers can personalize product features during the buying process

  • retail wifi link j
    Transparent Supply Chains

    Vendors and retailers can seamlessly adapt to market demands

  • retail wifi link k
    Continuous Innovation

    Continuously deliver assortments that capitalize on trends at the right time


Analyze your data to make better planning, design, and sourcing decisions.

Benefits of better data-driven decision making

  • More accurate planning
  • Better consumer sentiment
  • Improved price point and reduced markdowns
  • Increased sales


Create superior offerings through trend analysis and vendor-driven product development.

Benefits of advanced product development

  • Higher average retail price of products
  • More compelling products
  • Reduced market delivery risks
  • Improved margins through more flexible vendor collaboration


Maximize value and your competitiveness through seasonless product lines, personalized products, and transparent supply chains.

Benefits of transformed retail organization

  • Higher sales revenue
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Shorter go-to-market periods
  • Lower development costs


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