Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring enables service teams to anticipate and prevent equipment failures as well as apply equipment patches over the internet, reducing the number of overall service visits.

Real-Time Monitoring of Asset Conditions

Remote monitoring continuously delivers information regarding an asset’s location, usage, and condition, establishing the baseline aptitude needed to launch the following IoT-driven aftermarket service strategies:

  • Connected field service
  • Remote service
  • Predictive service

Implementing these capabilities is conducive to evolving past reactive service models. By anticipating when failures will occur and taking actions to prevent those instances, customers receive optimal value from your products.

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Remote monitoring solutions enable real-time monitoring of asset conditions

This is the first step to understanding the location and performance of assets. The next steps could entail using more advanced capabilities like:

  • Connected field service
  • Remote service
  • Predictive service
These are game changers in the service world, and leading companies are already embracing this technology.


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